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<< Introduction of Speed Dating >>
- The information below is provided by "CINDERELLA Speed Dating", a speed dating company.
- The meaning of Speed Dating:
- Speed Dating means that the participants get some new opposite sex friends in a short period of time, by the arrangement of the hosts. That is the name of this kind of meeting new friends method.
- The history and the basic principles of Speed Dating:

- Speed Dating comes from the tradition of Jewish people. All the single and young people met with each other by the arrangement of the elder members of the tribe. It is a way to prevent them to get married with people outside clan. At the end of 1998, the first speed-dating event was held in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The venue is called Pete’s Cafe. “Speed Dating" was called “Round Robin Dating" at that time. A Judaist, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, and his disciples invented it. The purpose of holding these events was to let the single Judaist to find their spouse. Therefore, Rabbi Yaacor Deyo named this kind of event “SpeedDating”. Now, we all believe that is the origin of the name "Speed Dating”.

- In 1999, Yaacov Deyo and his students in Harvard University established a concept of Speed Dating. The principle of it is simple; firstly, they arrange a matching party for a group of single and young people. The ratio of both sexes is one to one. Then, the host gave each pair of opposite sex to talk about 5 minutes. When the time was up, they exchanged the seat and talked with another participant and so on. Therefore, each participant could have a chance to talk with each opposite sex person. After the event, they could determine if they would develop a relationship with the friends they just met.

- A quick way of getting friends, the development of speed dating:

- When the rules of Speed Dating have been set up in 1999, it was on the trend in Western America. Then, the popularity was growing to New York City. More and more Speed Dating companies were opened for making money. In the next few years, it has been popular among Canada, England and Taiwan.

- At the end of 2006, there were more than 30 speed-dating companies in Hong Kong and the number is still growing. Therefore, we can understand that Speed Dating, the new way of making friends, is developing swiftly. We, Cinderella, is one of those companies, has been established to provide a channel for all the single to find their beloved one.

- A relaxing and easy way to bring you luck in love Speed Dating:

- If you believe that everyone that you meet is a kind of fate, then, finding your love is your designated destiny. Therefore, speed dating is a channel for providing you with increasing probabilities to get your “designated destiny”. Perhaps, speed dating is not as romantic as your ‘dreamed destiny’. However, speed dating suits the needs of people in this hustle and bustle city. Nowadays, people are working round-the-clock for their career. Even if they can get their love in working, they may miss it because of mistrust of people. Actually, the people in speed dating events are quite different as they come here for finding partner. So, when you join the events, you can feel free to meet friends and find partner as everyone is here for that purpose. Maybe, that is the reason of speed dating is on the trend now.

- Speed Dating is not just for mature people who are in hurry to get married. If you are attentive enough, there are lots of single teenagers join the events. In fact, for those people who want to find their partners, speed dating is really a quick and effective way of finding their love. As it is quite impossible for participants to join a function like speed dating event in their normal life.


- The comparison of several kinds of functions: Speed Dating, Table for Six, and Group Dating events: (This part will be translated soon.)

- Let’s compare different ways of ‘finding love’ methods:

I, 隨緣:
a) 成本:無須付出任何時間及成本。
b) 覓得理想伴侶的機會:對每一個人來說,相對機會會比較選擇 (II) 或 (III) 低得多。 不管您的魅力與質素如何,守株待兔,等待上天安排就像是一種賭博。若不幸的話,有可能過了適婚年齡也找不到屬於您,而且您又心愛的另一半。

II, 由自己製造機會:
a) 成本:思考如何為自己安排 機會的時間及心思 + 自己安排活動或機會的成本。
b) 覓得理想伴侶的機會:看您自己的能力而定,您能夠不斷為自己安排多個認識多位單身的異性朋友的機會嗎?因為您用行動來爭取機會,而非「等運到」,因此相對比較 (I) 為低。

III, 參與極速約會 Speed Dating 、Table for N (N 代表人數)、小組配對 Group Dating 等交友活動:
a) 成本:Speed Dating 極速約會的活動參加費用 + 通常只是短短幾小時的參加時間。
b) 覓得理想伴侶的機會:對一般人來說,相對選擇 (I)、(II) 比較高。

- 隨著每一個人的想法及接受程度不同,選擇亦會有所不同。不過,由 1998 年底開始到 2006 年底的短短 8 年間,從 Speed Dating 極速約會交友活動的發展迅速可見,單身人仕對透過 Speed Dating 極速約會活動結識異性有一定程度的需求。從 2006 年底在香港這個小小的城市裡,經已有超過 30 間提供極速約會的公司便是其中的一個有力的證明。

- Speed Dating events are held in colleges, some students even act as a matchmaker:
- In 2003, a university in Montreal even established a Speed Dating Club. It provided a way for students to find their partners because of the unbalance of number of both sexes in different departments. For example, in Education Department, the ratio of male to female is 1:4. It means that there is only a boy in 5 students. In Engineering Department, there is only a girl in 3 students. In order to help students to develop a further relationship with partners, McGill established McGill Speed Dating Club in March 2003. The event holders were Michael Perez, Albert and Jean-Pierre, the provided speed dating service for the students. It is a relaxing way for them to get their partner and ask them out for a date.

- A traditional Speed Dating event arrangement ( This is an example for our company, Cinderella):

- In order to provide you with a relaxing and romantic place to befriend with several opposite sex participants, we arrange a convenient and romantic restaurant for you. You can grip with the chance and try your luck in love.

- In this two-and-half hour event, you can meet up to 15-20 opposite new friends. During the event, each participant has 5-8 minute to talk with each opposite sex friend, so you can have a better understanding with each person. Moreover, we also arrange some interesting activities for you to join so as to make you relax.

1. When you arrive the venue, you will get a “lucky number” and a “love matching form”.

2. Before the start of the event, you can relax yourself, try to get the new friends on your arranged seat, wait for your luck in love.

3. When the time has come, you have to seat according to your number. At this moment, you can take turn to talk with each opposite sex participant, each talking slot is about 8 minutes.

4. When the time is up, the bell will ring. We ask the boys to change the seat according to their number, the girls just have to remain on the original seat.

5. On the footnote of our matching form, we suggest you to take the record of the feeling of each participant, for remembering him or her. You can take the footnote as a record. If you want to keep in touch with whom you are interested in, you can tick their names.

6. After the event, we will collect the matching form and help you to exchange the contact if pair of opposite sex participants has chosen mutually. You can receive the matching result within two days.

- We, Cinderella on the view of Speed Dating:

- Speed Dating can be defined as a way of finding love. Different people can have different views on it, some people may think it as a way of finding love in the first sight; other people may think it as a place for the start of love. In these romantic love-matching events, each participant may have different result after joining the event. Perhaps, friendship, love, love at the first sight.

- Nevertheless, not every single participant will find their love by joining few times of events. However, in these events, participants can get some new friends form all walks of life. Perhaps, some of new friends are not in your social circle. In our events, each single participant can have a chance to talk with each opposite sex person, even cooperate with them. You can also learn how to get along with strangers or how to communicate with new friends. For people joining speed-dating events, it is even a kind of experience and training too.

- After joining the events, of course, it is possible for them to find love, or even they can enhance their confidence in speaking with strangers, increase their courage and widen their horizons. Speed Dating, which may be a little challenging matter before finding love.

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