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  Activity ID : 200315-TEA-KLN
  Event : Afternoon Tea Speed Dating
      Afternoon Tea Speed Dating
food and drinks are Included
  Detail :

In the romantic theme cafe acute, you can freely make new friends and enjoy afternoon tea set, without any disturbance.

Participants can exchange contact information freely. We will also provide matching service after the event.

  Target : Target Male: Age: 36-52
      Target Female: Age: 26-42
  Date & Time : 2020-03-15 (SUN) - 03:15PM-06:15PM
  Venue : Jordan District Privacy Western Restaurant
      [ The details will be sent by e-mail at least one day before the event. ]
  Regular Price : Male: $260- / Female: $260-
  News : ** Early Bird Price (pay on/before Mar 7) : $235/head
** 2+ Join Together Price (pay on/before Mar 7) : $225/head
** Additional Charge for Paying by Cash: $20/head
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