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    Question: Why should we choose CINDERELLA?
    Answer: We always provide you with a relaxing place to meet new friends with reasonable price.
      We have many years experience since 2006 with good goowill.
      We provide as much time for communication for you to make new friends as possible instead of meaningless little games.
      You are welcome to provide any options for improving our services!
      You are not only able to exchange contacts with new friends with our matching services, but also have chance exchange contacts methods by yourself during our activity.
    Question: How can I know venue address?
    Answer: We will provide the address ofr the activity venue through e-mail after the payment details was received from you. Please call 8102-6601 if you had not receive the address of the activity venue on the eve of the activity.
    Question: I cannot receive the e-mail from CINDERELLA! Why?
    Answer: Please add "" to your contact list / address book of your e-mail account in order to avoid our e-mail being blocked by the server of your e-mail account. Thank you!
    Question: May I cancel the booking after the payment was settled?
    Answer: Please inform us on at least 5 days before the activity if you cannot attend the activity.
      We will settle the refund for you if are able to inform us about the cancellation of the booking on at least 5 days before the activity. Administration fee HKD$20 per head will be charged for the refunding processes.
      We are sorry that we will not refund for any reasons, if you had not inform us about the cancellation of the booking on at least 5 days before the activity.
    Question: How to settlet the payment for the activity?
    Answer: We provide various payment approaches. Please kindly browse "here" for more details.
    Question: How to obtain the contact methods of the new friends during the Speed Dating activity?
    Answer: You just need to select the your targets with the contact methods that you are going to give them for exchange on our matching form.
      If both sides selected to give at least 1 contact method to each others, the you are able to exchange contact method with that new friend.
      You are welcome to exchange contact methods by yourselves during the activity.
    Question: What kinds of activity are more suitable for me?
    Answer: We provide various kinds of activity for choosing, it depend on your preference.
    Question: What is the dress code in the Speed Dating / love matching activity?
    Answer: There is no dress code for our Speed Dating / love matching activity.
      Your new friends want to know the "real" you.