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<<I want to get married>> --a translated journal from Oriental Daily (2006-03-20)

Traditionally, for women, the most important thing in life is to get married and have a harmonious family. However, it seems that it is not easy for them to find Mr Right in this era. In recent years, a lot of speed-dating companies have been running because of this trend.

Peony - must be active!

I know my boyfriend from the speed-dating event. Now, we are very happy together. Peony, who is around 30 years old, is a pretty young lady and she joined the event with a friend 2 years old. Peony finds herself fond of speed-dating events and thinks it is an effective way for busy people to get more friends. Nowadays, it is not easy for people to know their beloved one because boys are outnumbered by the girls, the working time is too long, the working environment is not suitable for finding lovers. It is even more difficult for women to find their partners, as their social statue is higher and higher, many of them are well educated, some of them even have master degree. Therefore, they may be more demanding on finding partners. Under this circumstance, women should be more active on love matter. Peony understands the potential of this ‘new market’ and is the event holder now.

Speed-dating??? Take it easy!!

As an event holder, I know people from all walks of life. Some of them are bosses, technicians and different kinds of professionals. Now, many of them are my friends and they share minds with me and I think it is the best thing I get of holding events’ said Peony. In these 2 years, she has been the matchmaker for many lovers; a couple of them decide to get married soon. It seems that speed dating is quite effective as it helps you to find the beloved one, or even your spouse. Many people expect that knowing more friends by joining events once or twice only but it is not the fact. As a consequence, they think that they are the losers of this game and have very low self-esteem. ‘ Many people think that they can know more friends very soon, but it is not the case. If you can find your lover soon, that should be pleased. If you have tried lots of times and still cannot find your lover, you should have a reflection on yourself.’ Peony advises that we can be more familiar with ourselves by joining the events as it is easier for get rid of our own shortcomings. Next time, everything will be better.



<<Get you love in 3 minutes>>

21st century is an era of speed. How we can reach our destination in the shortest time is the emssion of every single person of the globe. Speed is not limited on working, but also for dating or in choosing religion.

Choose the church within 3 minutes 

Recently, in the Southern West England, the Bishop of Anglican Church held a very special event, which is for helping the followers to find a church. The event was simple; it just ‘displayed’ few priests. Each priest had 3 minutes to promote themselves to the will-be-followers. When the bell rang, he must stop the speech and the next priest could start his promotion. The Bishop said that it could let them to have some interactions and the followers could ask the priests some religion-related questions. Moreover, the priests could know more the needs of followers. It may be called a win-win situation. Strangely, why the speech had been limited to 3 minutes? The answer from church is not a surprise- people are too busy and they have no time.

What is speed dating?

Perhaps, the example from Anglican Church sounds familiar to you. Yes, you are right that the idea comes from speed dating. As implied by the name, it is for finding you partner speedily. Actually, speed dating comes from a tradition of Jewish people, as they did not want to get married with foreign clans. Therefore, single and young male or female were led by the elder family members to meet with each other periodically. It has been on the trend in Western America in late 90s, and then popular in Europe and Asia after 2000.

Usually, speed-dating events have been held in cafe or pub. The number of female and male should be the same, arranging by the event holder, each pair of female and male have a 3-7 minutes chatting session. When time is up, the bell rings. Isn’t it like a game? After all the boys have chatted with all the girls, they can tick somebody that they are interested in to keep contact. The event holder will help them to exchange contact details if and only if the pair are interested in each other.

Surprisingly, when this new type of activity has gained popularity in London, England, the event holder finds that the female outnumbers the male. For this, psychologists think that male have a high sense of pride, male think that only the inferior will join speed dating events. Moreover, many male who tried speed dating usually do not share this experience with their friends.

Finding love by speed dating

However, it seems speed dating is quite popular in England. In the beginning of September, a railway company in England promoted a ‘real speed dating’ service. The train started from London, then it went to Bath, which is in Southern west of England with a ‘speed’ of 200km per hour. For the first class passengers, it only took one and a half hour to make a round trip. The cost was only 45 pounds. In this 90-minute journey, each passenger has 4 minute to talk with each opposite sex. The railway company said that this journey is associated with romantic fantasy. According to a survey by that company, 13% of the passengers claimed that they had conversation with other people or have a romantic experience in this journey.

Last year, speed dating went to the Taiwanese Market and it is a hot topic among the public. There was an activity called ‘ find your love in 3 minute’, which was held by the media and love matching companies as a way to arouse public interest. You cannot believe that there are so many speed dating events before Valentine’s Day…………….



<<Well- educated female are sure for love matter?>>

30% of college girls are afraid that they cannot find the love one.

In the old days, high quality girls were not afraid that they could not find the spouse. However, that is not true anymore. This is because that their social statue and income are higher and higher, on the other hand, the quality of boys is lower and lower. As a result, a research has found that many college girls are worried about their marriage because the low quality of boys. 30% of interviewed girls claimed that they are worried that they will be single for the rest of life.

A research had been done by the School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK, it has shown that there is a dilemma in the hearts of girls nowadays. They want to get married but it is hard to find a dream lover. Nearly 90% girls said that they will get married but they are worried about if they can get married. 35% girls said that they are extremely worried about it, around 25-28% said that they are quite worried, only about 13% said that they are never worried. Why the situation is that bad? It is because that the quality of boys is too low or the number of boys is too few in Hong Kong.

Unbalanced number of boys and girl in school

What are the problems of boys in Hong Kong? A year4 student from School of Law, HKU, Miss Lee said that, in Hong Kong, boys are quite childish, not mature enough. They do not know how to get along with girls and they even fight for a seat with girls in canteen or bus. Her classmate, Miss Kwan thought that the ability of boys is not as good as girls. Nowadays, the school of Law attracts lots of elites to study, but in this department, they are not many boys. Some boys’ mind is quite traditional; they do not want their wives are more capable than them. A year1 student from the department of quantitative finance said that he would not accept his wife has a higher moneymaking power than him. According to the statistic from the University Grants Committee, the ratio of boys to girls among 8 universities is 45:55.In Hong Kong Institute of Education, nearly 80% are girls. In the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, there are more boys, less than 40% are girls. However, for some traditional boys favorite subjects which have been studied mostly by girls now, such as the faculty of medicine.

Student Association be the matchmaker

Under this circumstance, a Student Association has started to play the role of matchmaker. They organized some events to let students to find their partner. The Societies of Sociology Department of CUHK and HKU held an event named reflections on speed dating. It let each pair of opposite sex to have 4 minutes chatting session. The person-in-charge of this society, Miss Chan said that the response from participants was quite satisfactory. Even though they are not interested in Sociology, they should be interested in finding lover. In this event, there were totally 8 pairs of opposite sex had joined.